Combined oral contraceptives (COCs)
They including https://pillintrip.com/medicine/swingo are called combined due to the fact that they contain 2 types of hormones at once – progestin (progesterone) and estrogen (both belong to female sex hormones, but perform different functions) 3.

Not everyone knows, but when taken correctly, COCs are considered more reliable contraception than a condom. True, unlike the latter, oral contraceptives do not protect against genital infections.

The main task of the progestin is to suppress the functions of the pituitary gland (the piece of the brain responsible for the production of hormones), which leads to the stopping of ovulation. As a result, the follicles (in which the eggs develop) do not grow, and the body does not produce enough estrogen, which is necessary for the female body. That is why estrogen is present in the composition of the preparations, which is an auxiliary agent, normalizes the menstrual cycle and other important processes in the body4.

Additional tasks and capabilities of KOK4:

changes in the structure of the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) to prevent the oocyte from fixing;
thickening of cervical mucus, which creates a barrier in the path of sperm and reduces their activity;
control of the menstrual cycle, thanks to COCs, you can regulate the arrival of menstruation;
treatment and prevention of many diseases associated with menstrual irregularities.
It is worth explaining that oral contraceptives are contraceptives. The main task is always to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and not to treat various hormonal diseases. There are many specialized drugs for this.

The doctor may prescribe COCs as a medicine, but only for a supportive or prophylactic role. It is strictly not recommended to purchase COCs for the treatment of certain diseases on your own, without the consent of your doctor.

Mini drank
They are considered analogous to COCs, but contain only mini-doses of progestin, without estrogen, for which they got their original name. There is another entertaining name for such drugs – purely progestin-only oral contraceptives, or abbreviated as CHPOK.

Mini-pills are considered less effective than combined contraceptives, but because of the minimal progestin content, they are safer.

The use of mini-pili has its own logic and sometimes they intentionally replace KOC:

the absence of estrogens allows women with certain specific diseases to take them;
mini-pills can be used during breastfeeding.