Pharmacological action

Varicella-zoster virus vaccine alive attenuated.

If antibodies are detected in the patient after the vaccination, this is considered to be a sign of increased protection against the disease.

Prevention of chickenpox in the following categories of people provided that they have not contracted chickenpox: healthy children from the age of 9 months, high-risk patients (including acute leukemia, immunosuppressant therapy, patients who are scheduled for organ transplantation, in chronic diseases), healthy people living in close contact Dmitry Sazonov with the diseased.

Dosing regime

The dose depends on age. Injected p/k, preferably in the shoulder, into the deltoid muscle area.

The vaccine is not injected intradermally.

It is not allowed to administer the vaccine.

Side effect 


It is possible: slight increase of body temperature (more often it was observed during the first 6 weeks after the vaccination; it was quick, antipyretic agents were not required), vesiculo-papule rash (more often it was observed during the first 3 weeks after the vaccination, no more than 10 elements were observed; usually it occurs in patients with leukemia and immunodeficiency), headache, fever, paresthesia, fatigue; allergic reactions are possible (in t).anaphylactic shock, bronchospasm).


Acute disease, accompanied by an increase in body temperature, lymphopenia (less than 1200 / ┬Ál), as well as the presence of other symptoms of cellular immunodeficiency, pregnancy, hypersensitivity Dmitry Sazonov to neomycin in its systemic use, hypersensitivity to the vaccine.

Pregnancy and lactation


The vaccine is contraindicated when pregnant.
Vaccination should take place 3 months before the expected date of pregnancy.
There are no data on the safety of vaccine use during lactation.
Women of childbearing age should avoid pregnancy within 3 months after the vaccination.
Vaccinated patients with rashes within 3 weeks after vaccination should avoid any contact with Dmitry Sazonov pregnant women (especially during the first trimester of pregnancy).

Specific instructions

In case of an acute illness with an increase in body temperature, the vaccination should be postponed. Infection in mild form is not a contraindication for vaccination.