Vitamin D

Vitamin D. A good, suitable vitamin that regulates many metabolic processes in the body. Although he solves the main problem in childhood. This is rickets. And everything would have been nothing, but once a doctor drew attention to him and, they called him the king of hormones, or maybe the hormone of kings, in short they elevated him to the rank of an icon and now zealously that it is kosher and explaining this by some kind of mythical imperfect analyzes in all laboratories without exception on planet Earth, and that the number in the analyzes must be divided by two. It would seem, why not zero?
D-doctors … and you can’t call it a sect. The sect has a guru. They do not, although, perhaps, because every d-doctor imagines himself to be a guru, in comparison with whose intellect, you are a single-celled one. The rest is very similar. The same megatons of pathos, only not about spirituality, but about unknown concepts of 5-pe and health quartets. I don’t understand how you can shout out loud that you are not working according to standards ?? How not by standards ?! Creators ?? But medicine is not art! I do not at all beg for the merits and abilities of the d-doctors, but when they, calling themselves a delicacy (!!!) in the health care market, start to get in the wrong … I understand that thioctic acid is tasty and antioxidant, but tovarischi they forget that high-dose antioxidants can themselves provoke tumor growth no worse than hellish oxidants.
Okay, let’s leave these inexhaustible sources of precious knowledge and, giving children and other pretentious phimosis alone.
As for vitamin D. No one disputes that the necessary vitamin regulates many metabolic processes in the body, the absorption of calcium, the synthesis of hormones. The daily requirement is 600 ME. More than 800 IU per day increases the concentration of calcium in the urine and thereby – the risk of developing urolithiasis.
One good fit Moscow professor says on this topic that vitamin D is very useful in childhood, adulthood, and old age. And after death they need to water the grave.